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Graphic Design, Typesetting, Layout & Composition, Social Media, Content Marketing, Editorial Photography & Design,  Fashion Photography, Product Photography, HTML Email Marketing, Analytics

Gary Colwell


(306) 491-0774

Saskatoon, SK





Diploma in Graphic Design

McKay Career Training: 2013 - 2014




Ben Lamothe

  • Creative Director
  • Spareparts
  • Saskatoon SK
  • benl@sparepartslife.com


Roberta Barrington

  • Lead Designer
  • Spareparts
  • Saskatoon SK
  • robertab@sparepartslife.com


James Rayner




Sales & Marketing | Area Home + Lifestyle: Fall 2013 - Present

Since starting at Area three years ago, I've spent my time at the shop interacting with customers, selling modern furniture and lighting, as well as working on marketing efforts. My duties include web design, e-commerce management, and designing email marketing.


Graphic Designer | Spareparts: Fall 2014 - Summer 2016

When I first started at Spareparts I was hired part-time as a production assistant to help create window displays and other marketing materials for the retail stores. But over time, and as the team has grown I've taken on many other responsibilities including email marketing, e-commerce work, fashion & product photography, as well as product and branding design for Spareparts's in-house brands: Route, and Man About Town. 


Web Management | Hardpressed : Spring 2017 - Present

At Hardpressed Print Studio, I spent the first month completely redesigning their successful e-commerce website. Beyond that I take care of editing product photography, writing and creating blog posts, and managing the vast majority of all things relating to their website. Additionally, I also take care of designing merchandising materials for use around the store, social media graphics, and other duties as assigned.



Further details about my job history as well as additional references are available on request.