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Fourth Studio 2017


Vanessa Taylor is a tattoo artist who is opening a new tattoo business called Fourth Studio. She needed a hand creating a brand for her new company, so she asked if I could help. This project was great fun because we got to start on something from scratch. 

To view the website that I designed for Vanessa, click the link below.


Vanessa specializes in black linework tattoos, so we wanted the branding and messaging to be reminiscent of that.

Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 1.49.09 PM.png

Her Instagram name has been @thefourthcup for years now,  and so from there came the idea of Fourth Studio for her new tattoo business. 

Additionally, Four of Cups is a famous card in the deck of tarot cards, so from that stemmed a lot of ideas of how we could integrate tarot cards into the branding and use that age old aesthetic in creative / modern ways.