The TSA is a waste of money that doesn't save lives and might actually cost them

Dylan Matthews for Vox

Despite some very notable cases, airplane hijackings and bombings are quite rare. There aren't that many attempts, and there are even fewer successes. That makes it hard to judge if the TSA is working properly — if no one tries to do a liquid-based attack, then we don't know if the 3-ounce liquid rule prevents such attacks.

So Homeland Security officials looking to evaluate the agency had a clever idea: They pretended to be terrorists, and tried to smuggle guns and bombs onto planes 70 different times. And 67 of those times, the Red Team succeeded. Their weapons and bombs were not confiscated, despite the TSA's lengthy screening process. That's a success rate of more than 95 percent.

Damn. If Homeland Security can debunk this bloated and ineffective organization and not invoke positive changes, what is there that can be done?

The solution is clear: Airports should kick out the TSA, hire (well-paid and unionized) private screeners, and simply ask people to go through normal metal detectors with their shoes on, their laptops in their bags, and all the liquids they desire. The increased risk would be negligible — and if it gets people to stop driving and start flying, it could save lives.

Yes please.

On another note, I hope that this would make the amount of discrimination against Muslim people go down (we all know that they get picked far more often for "random checks" than white people) but it definitely would make life easier - and quicker - for most.