The future of iOS automation

Federico Viticci, for MacStories, on the future of Workflow and iOS automation:

Imagine, for instance, a workflow capable of accessing HomeKit controls, Apple Music, and HealthKit workouts at runtime. A user who goes running every morning could easily assemble a multi-step routine which locks their front door and brings up a collection of music playlists before the run starts. While the user is running, an underlying Workflow engine would put workout-optimized music controls and run details front and center on the Apple Watch or iPhone. Finally, the same routine that "prepares" a new run could automatically unlock the front door, continue playing music on a wireless speaker, and display summary stats for the completed workout on a big screen via the Apple TV as soon as the user gets back home. This automation wouldn't be a standalone "workflow" that is manually executed as much as it'd be an invisible, integrated, and secure automation engine connected to every piece of the Apple ecosystem.

This is a very optimistic take on what the future of what iOS automation could hold, but I love this idea. Exciting.