New Switch patents confirm microSD card slot, VR headset

Over the last few months Laura Kate Dale has been leaking lots of awesome new Switch information before anybody else. 

This report is a few weeks old, and it's just patents but, if this stuff is true then man I can't wait for this system.

The Switch will forgo disc-based games to a new cartridge system similar to the DS, but I still plan on buying all my games digitally for the system so the inclusion of a microSD card slot is good news. I'll just be able to buy a 256 gigabyte card and go crazy downloading everything. It's not that I'm worried about losing games - I've never lost a DS game - but just the idea of never having to store them or swap them, I can just collect as many games as I want digitally and have them with me all the time is great.

As for the VR headset, it'll be basically just a pair of goggles and you slide the Switch into the front. Just like the Daydream View, which I have and really like. I personally am very excited about this. I belive that even though it won't be as technically impressive as PSVR, Nintendo's game design will be interesting to see in virtual reality as a medium. Imagine jumping into the mushroom kingdom and actually being there. 

We'll find out about everything when Nintendo has their Nintendo Direct on January 12th. All these rumours paint a pretty accurate picture of what the Switch will look like from a technology standpoint, but that doesn't mean much until we can see how Nintendo chooses to tell the story of this system in their own words.