Social media clichés that drive me crazy

There are things that happen on the internet that drives me crazy. Things that should be unwritten common sense that aren't always immediately apparent to some people. So I'm writing this post to share a couple of these gripes. Sometimes a little bit of cynicism is necessary. 

Unnecessary Facebook pages

I know a lot of people who start a new project: a blog, a band, selling Arbonne or some other pyramid scheme nonsense - whatever - and instantly make a Facebook page to promote it, and then invite every single one of their friends to like the page. And then they go and do this before they even fill the page up with anything interesting.

I guess their reasoning is that if they have a page for their new project, then they can keep their personal account just for dumb memes and their business account to keep that stuff separate. But I find that most of the time the person just like shares all their business posts on their personal account too - so I end up seeing every post they make twice.

Stop. You have two options. Either make the Facebook business page and actually update it and keep the two accounts separate, or just use your personal account to promote that stuff.

Crossposting content

The point of having different social networks is so that you can post unique tailor made content on each one. Tweets go on Twitter. Instagrams stay on Instagram. Facebook... stuff... stays on Facebook. Or whatever. 

So it's weird when people post the exact same stuff on everything. Like I'll read someone's tweet, and then later when I'm on Facebook I'll see the exact same thing copied and pasted into a Facebook status. What is even a little worse than this is when people push their Instagram photo to Facebook, and it carries along with it the Instagram @ handles and hashtags that just aren't clickable on Facebook. It looks ridiculous.

Please just be mindful of the stuff that you post, and realize that a lot of your friends follow you on multiple things, and don't really want to see the same stuff over and over again. Like obviously if you just release a new personal project, it's cool to promote it and talk about it on different websites, but for the most part it's good to keep the different networks serving different purposes.