Orwell's "1984" and Trump's America

When Trump repeats the ridiculous story about the three million illegal voters—a story that no one who knows, that not a single White House “staffer,” not a single Republican congressman actually believes to be true—he does not really care if anyone believes it, even if, at some crazy level, he does, sort of. People aren’t meant to believe it; they’re meant to be intimidated by it. The lie is not a claim about specific facts; the lunacy is a deliberate challenge to the whole larger idea of sanity. Once a lie that big is in circulation, trying to reel the conversation back into the territory of rational argument becomes impossible.

This is precisely what's so frustrating about him. He's missing that thing in your brain, that when you lie or do something that hurts other people, that goes off and creates that pang of guilt that we're all familiar with. He just doesn't have that. 

How is it possible to have basically the entirety of Earth's population of obviously decent people begging you to stop doing what you're doing, and just turn the other cheek and insist that you're still right?