Gamergate's new army of bad bitches

I've been listening to both of Brianna Wu'a podcasts – Rocket and Disruption  – since mid 2016. I'm a fairly new fan. She's very smart and a pleasure to listen to. 

So I really enjoyed this piece in The Daily Beast about how she's running for office in Massachewsatts in 2018. 

People whose job it is to draft people for political office often cite the difficulty in convincing women that entering politics wouldn’t prove disastrous for their families. They worry about how a run could hurt their children’s education, whether it would cause their husbands stress. But not Brianna Wu. She’s not scared of what could happen to her and her family if she’s suddenly in the public eye, because the worst has already happened to her. “Gamergate taught me that I was stronger than I knew that I was,” she says. “I thought, ‘What can they do to me? Call me names? Make up stuff about me? Okay, they’ve already done that.’”

Its so refreshing to have someone with their head on straight going into politics. She knows tech, and she's extremey open minded. I just think she's so awesome.

I hope to blog more about her and her campaign as it gets nearer!  

You can check out Brianna's website here