On the infinite choice of books, games, music, and everything

Shahid Kamal Ahmad concludes Remaster Episode 25: 2016 in Review with this insightful speech on the sheer amount of choice we have in our media consumption:

The hardest thing is that we have a brain that is wired up for life a hundred thousand years ago, where the number of inputs going into our brain didn't vary an awful lot. And we are now alive in a time where the number of inputs going into our brain is actually impossible to cope with.

We are presented with an infinite cornucopia of choice, of beauty, of loveliness, of art. Of books, of games, of music, of everything. And our biggest fear is that we might not get to see, play hear, or read the thing that might change our lives. All the while, not taking into account that our lives are made up of the moments that we are in. We are doing what we are supposed to be doing, and we were never meant to enjoy everything that life has to offer.

That is the beauty and the tragedy of life. That we only have so much time to enjoy the things that are here. And that has never changed is that our eyes and ears have been opened to this painfully beautiful tragedy that there is way more art than we will ever be able to enjoy in our lives and it's flying past us at an impossible to process rate.